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Leica SPRINTER Electronic Level 150M

  • Manufacturer : LEICA
  • Kod producenta : 762630
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SPRINTER’s design is based of 15 years of LEICA GEOSYSTEMS experience in producing electronic levels. Firstly, it offers its ease of use, a high quality, high efficiency and unique solutions and functions. A large, clear display, an ‘out of level’ indicator, integrated applications and an optional external memory make this instrument indispensable.

SPRINTER makes everyday task easier. It was designed to increase the efficiency and to reduce time to complete a task. It can be left in the sun and rain. It works in tunnels, buildings, street lights, when a traditional reading is hard to be taken.

Even more benefits for users:

  • USB Interface
  • User-friendly menu
  • Automatic height calculation and delta height
  • Good levelling software
  • Internal memory

- Lecia Sprinter 150M level
- staff 4m 
- aliminium tripod



RELIABLE: Leica Sprinter is a precise and reliable electronic level that allows for error-free measurements. Let the electronic eye do the job. Readings from a staff are made automatically and determine a distance and height. No more errors and mistakes in your notes.


EASY HANDLING: Leica Sprinter is easy to use not only as a regular optical level but also as an electronic one. You aim, focus, press the button and the measurements is taken automatically. You save money that you would spend on training. Now you need less than an hour to train a user.


ATTRACTIVE PRICE: Time saved when taking automatic measurement exceeds the price difference between Sprinter and a regular level. Using an electronic level increases your productivity. You and your employees waste no more time! And all these for really good price!

ALWAYS CORRECT: Leica Sprinter was designed for various tasks. It can diagnose a problem with readings and recognizes an inverse staff. A built-in sensor always prevents taking a measurement out of the compensator’s range. You will be always 100% correct.





CALCULATION: Leica Sprinter calculates for you. Choose the right application in your language. The results will be displayed: Delta height, line levelling, cut and fill, tracking and monitoring.


MEMORY: The built-in memory can store up to 1000 points. There is no necessity to take notes in a notebook. With this you avoid errors.


DOWNLOAD: Leica Sprinter enables a smooth data transfer to a personal computer via a USB port. DataLoader programmer permits a direct data transfer to MX Excel. Your readings may be also transferred to an external data collector via RS232i port.




DELTA HEIGHT: This function calculates a height difference between two points. Enter your benchmark, measure backsight and then foresight. Delta height is always calculated and displayed.


LINE LEVELLING: Whether you only have back and foresight or intermediate sights, choose the line levelling option. Enter your starting benchmark, take your back, fore and intermediate measurements until you reach the final point. All readings are stored in the appropriate order.


This application indicates the cut & fill results based on a reference level. Enter your required reference level and benchmark. Take the backsight and start measuring. The program displays now the cut & fill results.



Technical information:


Standard deviation 1km double run

Electronic scale

1.5 mm

Optical scale

2.5 mm

Single Staff reading

Standard deviation: 0.6 mm (electronic scale) or 1.2 mm (optical scale) over 30m

Distance accuracy

10 mm ≥10 m , longer distances 0,001 x distance in metres


2–100 m (electronic scale)

Measurement method

single i tracking 

Single measurement time

<3 sec.


Magnetic (±10’)


Magnification 24x

Data storage

1000 pkt 

Environmental conditions


Power supply

4 x AA/LR6, 1.5V


<2.5 kg

Increased efficiency
Minimisation of human errors 
Performance in challenging lighting conditions

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