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Digital Level DL-202 Set + tripod+staff

  • Manufacturer : SOUTH
  • Kod producenta : DL-202
  • Availability : Dostępny
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A new series of SOUTH digital levels - DL200. DL-202 level is currently the smallest level available on the market.

Accuracy: 1.5 mm/km for digital readings. With an Auto Save option to the internal 16 MB memory, the time dedicated to measurements can be reduced. The level may be used as a digital level with a barcode reading or as a traditional optical level – 2 in 1.

The level operates with intuitive measuring software. Not only a regular height measurement may be taken but also line adjustment, elevation differences, distance measurement, back and foresight levelling with an unlimited number of intermediate sights may be determined. The instrument calculates automatically elevation differences between a reference point and back and foresights. It also determines the total length of a levelling draw – all these with only one keystroke. Also, it has got a single measurement mode, n-times mode with the average is calculated and a continuous measurement  mode that is very useful at staking out.

Automatic compensator range: < ±12'.

The level shuts down automatically when not is use to save batteries life, and its LCD display with illumination is very easy to read. An adjustable limbus enables zero setting and horizontal angles measurements (Hz).

The level is equipped with appropriate software, a USB port and cable so that all recorded data can be transferred to a personal PC to a text file.

DL-200 levels undergo tests for water-  and weathertightness.


  • Electronic measurement range 1.5 - 100 m
  • Measuring time < 3 sec.
  • Digital measurement range: D≤10 m:10 mm; D>10 m:Dx0.001

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