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1. Orders

Orders are accepted via the online shopping system of In order to place an order, select an item and click „ADD TO CART” and then in PAY NOW section fill in your shipping information, payment method etc.


After an order is placed you will receive an automatic confirmation. Any changes to your order can be made only before finalizing the order. Any further changes will be considered a next, separate order.

2. Delivery terms

Products are sent every working day from Monday to Friday. Orders are not processed at weekends and public holidays.

When a delivery status changes, an email is sent to the client. Completing orders depends on an availability and popularity of a product.

3. Safety

Purchased products will be delivered directly to your company or your house by one of our trusted delivery companies. Products are sent in original package and also in an additional package for protection during transport.


We recommend „Safe and quick delivery”

4 . Delivery costs

Delivery costs are agreed on the order placement.

The conditions refer to Poland

5. Shipping charges

The client can choose a payment method:

·       "CASH ON DELIVERY" the payment is made on delivery.

·       "PREAYMENT" the client transfers an agreed amount into INFOPOMIAR bank account.

Ordered products are sent to the client after the payment has been recorded on:

BRE BANK mBank PL42114020040000371201549807

6. Products quality

All products available on are original, new and flawless. They come from lawful sources, mostly from a general importer, or are officially imported by our company.

7. Warranty


All products at have a warranty. The warranty is valid only with a proof of purchase (receipt/VAT invoice). Warranty and processing complaints depend on conditions determined by particular producers. Details can be found in a warranty card. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

8. Personal data protection

Submission of personal data is voluntary; however, it is necessary to register or purchase products. By registering or purchasing at, the user agrees to collecting and processing of his personal data strictly in order to complete the order, i.e. delivery and payment.

9. Liability

The liable entity of :

INFOPOMIAR Survey and IT Services Hubert Soluch MA

ul. Kotarbińskiego 4/51

26-600 Radom

VAT NUMBER: 796-242-58-06

REGON 140745912

Bank account: BRE BANK mBank 
PL42114020040000371201549807 that is its sole owner. 



1.     On the delivery, The Buyer is requested to check the package and the product. In case, the parcel is damaged, the Buyer can refuse to accept it. When any damage is found after the reception of the parcel, a written complaint should be sent to Infopomiar (e-mails to and writen letters are accepted) in order to process your complaints. Also, please contact one of our sale managers in order to resolve the issue promptly.

2.     In order to process your complaints, please create a protocol of damage in courier’s presence and send it to Infopomiar along with your complaint form.

3.     An opinion given by the warranty provider determining a fault or defect of the product is significant for handling your complaints or returns not caused by transport/mechanical damage.

4.     All complaints are processed with statutory limitations. Our employees reply to complaints within the statutory period.

5.     In accordance with 2nd March 2000 Act on protection of some consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product Dziennik Ustaw [Journals of Laws] no. 22, item 271 as amended: the Buyer has a right to withdraw from the purchase agreement with the online store without providing reasons within 14 days of delivery. The buyer returns the product at his own expense and makes a withdrawal declaration in writing /declaration form/. This applies to the situation when the product has not been used, copied or damaged. The refund of the amount paid is made via a bank transfer to the account provided by the Buyer or via a postal order to the address provided in the order.


6.     Each product purchased on is brand new and have a warranty. The warranty period depends on the producer. In case of a product malfunction, please contact an authorized service providers. The list of service providers is on the warranty card or in the user manual.

7.     In accordance to 29th July 2005 Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment (Dz. U [Journals of Laws, no. 180, item 1495) the Buyer has a right to return an equivalent type product to the store where he buys a new product. Customers wishing to do so are asked to return products at their own expense and by their own means to the online store address.

PLEASE NOTE: All company names and trademarks used on are the property of respective owners. They are used solely for informative purposes. Used on the website term producer may refer to the importer in some cases.


Payments for international orders and shipping are agreed individually.

Promotional offers are subject to product availability.

By using website you are giving your consent to the use of cookies.


Terms and conditions of valid from 25th December 2014

An agreement between The Seller and The Buyer can be made in two ways. The Buyer has a right to negotiate all provisions of the agreement with the Seller, including the provisions of the following terms. All negotiations shall be sent in writing to the Seller.


INFOPOMIAR Usługi Informatyczne i Geodezyjne mgr Hubert Soluch

ul. Kotarbińskiego 4/51

26-600 Radom

NIP 796-242-58-06

REGON 140745912

In case the Byuer does not wish to individually negotiate terms of purchase, the following terms and relevant provisions of law apply.



§1 Definitions

1.     Postal address – a name and surname or a company name, location (street, house number or a name of city and building number, postal code and city).

2.     Address for complaints processing:


INFOPOMIAR Usługi Informatyczne i Geodezyjne mgr Hubert Soluch

Kotarbińskiego 4/51

26-600 Radom

NIP 796-242-58-06

REGON 140745912


Price list – to be found on


3.     Contac details:


INFOPOMIAR Usługi Informatyczne i Geodezyjne mgr Hubert Soluch

Kotarbińskiego 4/51

26-600 Radom

NIP 796-242-58-06

REGON 140745912

Bank account:
BRE Bank mBank

mBank PL42114020040000371201549807

Contact form:


5.     Delivery – a transport service including the name of the carrier, shipping rates included in price list available on

6.     Proof of purchase – an invoice or receipt issued in accordance with 11th March 2004 Act on value added tax as amended and also other relevant provisions of law.

7.     Product card – a single sub-site on the website dedicated to a single product.

8.     Client – a natural person with a full legal ability or an organizational unit that does not constitute a legal person but has a legal capacity making from the Seller purchase directly related to its professional or commercial activity.

9.     Civil Code – 23rd April 1964 civil code as amended

10.   Good practice – a system of ethical and professional codes of conduct included in 23rd August 2007 Act on the prevention of unfair trade practices as amended.

11.   Consumer – a natural person with a full legal ability, making from the Seller purchase not related to his professional or commercial activity.

12.   Cart – a list of products offered at the store made on the basis of the Buyer’s choice.

13.   Buyer – Client and Consumer.

14.   Place of delivery – a postal address or a collection point indicated by The Buyer in the order.

15.   Delivery – the moment when possession of the product is transferred to the Buyer or a designated person.

16.   Payment the method of payment for the subject of the agreement and delivery mentioned on

17.   Consumer law – 30th May 2014 Act on consumer rights.

18.   Product – a minimal and inseparable item that can be the subject of the order, mentioned in Seller’s store as a measuring unit when its price is determined (price/unit).

19.   Subject of the agreement – products and delivery that are the subject of the agreement.

20.   Object of performance – the subject of the agreement.

21.   Collection point – place of delivery that is not a postal address mentioned by the Seller.

22.   Goods – movable goods that can be the subject of the agreement

23.   Store – an internet website available on through which the Buyer can place an order to the Seller.

24.   Seller:


INFOPOMIAR Usługi Informatyczne i Geodezyjne mgr Hubert Soluch (IT and Survey Services Hubert Soluch MA)

ul. Kotarbińskiego 4/51

26-600 Radom

NIP 796-242-58-06

REGON 140745912

registered in CEDIG (
Central Registration and Information on Business):


25.   System – a system of cooperating software and information devices that ensure storing, processing and transferring data through telecommunication networks with appropriate terminal equipment, commonly known as the Internet.

26.   Time of delivery – the number of working days or hours specified in the product card.

27.   Agreement – the agreement made outside the entrepreneur’s office pursuant to 30th May 2014 Act on consumer rights for Consumers and pursuant to 23rd April 1964 Civil Code, no. 535 for Buyers.

28.   Defect legal and physical defects.

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