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Wysyłka i płatności

Payment methods


We always think about our clients’ comfort and lower expenses. Therefore, we offer various payment and delivery methods :

- Courier – This method is suitable for large packages. It is very comfortable as we can simply contact the courier and agree delivery details. It also fast and reliable method.

- COD (cash on delivery) – The payment is made at delivery in the presence of a courier. If you want to make a quick payment, use this method. Products ordered in this way are sent on the same day.

- Individual agreement – Details of delivery are agreed during a phone conversation, for example the package might be opened on delivery or packages are sent abroad.

- Personal collection at one of our branches:

ul. Bartycka 175 sales office 100
00-716 Warszawa
0 22 559 10 29
575 650 050

ul. Zbrowskiego 118/3
26-615 Radom
0 48 62 99 666
668 001 513

ul. Słupecka 12A
81-316 Gdynia
696 942 905


Please contact us before the collection in order to confirm that requested item is available.

Payment methods

For our customers we offer three methods of payment:

- bank transfer – the payment is made in advance via a bank transfer to our company account.

- cash at delivery – the payment is made on delivery. If the goods are not paid for, they are returned to our store.

- payment at the collection point – the payment is made upon a personal collection. We accept cash and debit cards.