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GeoMax QL 125 S. Pipe Level

  • Manufacturer : GeoMax
  • GeoMax
  • Kod producenta : QL125s
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GeoMax QL 125 S. Pipe Level

Compact size – enables using the instrument at places where the space is limited. A short length fits even narrow and winding pipes of a short diameter. The minimal hole’s diameter is 125 mm.

Solid and robust frame – made of cast aluminium. An implemented vibrations compensator absorbs vibrations from outside.

Automatic double compensation system – ensures quick tilt stabilization of the transversal axes within the range of 6° on both sides of the instrument.

Automatic target finding – an active target plate with a "target-find" function. It automatically places the laser’s beam QL 125 in the plate’s centre. Alternatively, any target plate can be applied. The laser is supplied with a remote control that is able to move the laser’s beam to any direction.

Additional rotating beam in QL 125 S – it determines a vertical line accurately at the direction of the laser’s beam. A standard laser beam of a pipe level determines the direction and inclination only with a single laser’s point.

Clear display – ensures easy readings. Large and clear signs makes using the instrument easy. The illuminated display enables results reading even in darkness.

Water-resistance - IP68 protection makes the frame dust- and water-resistant. 

Versatile configuration – legs, which can be changed if needed, enable fitting the instruments at the following heights: 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm. The target plate does not require any additional things.

Manual alignment of cross axes – with a digital level on the display. In case of automatic levelling, the user is warned of leaving the levelling range by a pulsating laser beam.

Lithium-ion batteries - makes QL 125 S always ready to work. The second battery (optional) can be charged outside the instrument. The laser QL 125 S can still be used, even if the battery is charged inside.

Handy remote control – with the range of 100 m. All important functions can be controlled with the remote. The stand-by mode is especially useful during break times at work.

Manual settings – enables setting functions and laser’s direction outside the work place. Therefore, the instrument can be set in a comfortable space and then placed in the work place without the necessity to reset the settings and parameters.

Accuracy – pipe laying requires high accuracy over long distances. QL 125 S offers the accuracy of 0,001%. Reliable and precise optics and electronic mechanisms, designed to work in nard conditions, ensure such accuracy.

Inclination angle - QL 125 S proves itself in land and sea engineering within the range from -15% to +45%.

Rotation point 5/8" thread – a bright LED indicator on the top indicates the rotation axis. The 5/8’ at the bottom is also placed at the rotation point.

Technical Specification:
Range: > 300 m
Diode: 635 nm
Laser class: 3R
Accuracy ± 10" (± 5 mm / 100 m)
Self-levelling: -15% do 45%
Fitting thread: 5/8 "
Protection: IP68
Operating time: 40 h
Battery: Li-Ion
Working temperature: from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
Dimensions: 305 x 105 x 113 mm
Setting range:
Line: ± 10 °
Tilt range: -10% do + 40%
Accuracy: 0,001% 

The pack includes:
- QL 125 S pipe level,
- remote control 125-7 QL,
- charger LDG 125
- target plate
- 3 sets 4x legs, length 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
- transporting case


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