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Pipe Laser Leica Piper 200

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Leica Piper 100 and 200 are new pipe laser models produced by Leica Geosystems. 

Pipers determine elevation differences to lay down pipes and determine their right directions. A laser with bright, red light was installed within, so the light is highly visible even over long measuring distances. Instruments have a self-level function and are controlled with a remote control. In addition, the display is big and very easy to read. Lithium-Ion batteries may be charged repeatedly. Leica Piper 200 model is equipped with Alignmaster System (automatic seeking and centring on the target). Piper 100 and 200fits pipes with minimal diameter of 100 mm.

The pack includes:

 Piper 100 pipe laser in a rugged carrying bag
 remote control (IR)
 reflective target

 GEB221 battery
GKL211 charger
 user guide


The device was designed to comply with accuracy regulations regardless the day time or temperature. Therefore, the laser beam maximum range is 200 m (650 feet).


Equipped with Lithium-Ion reusable batteries, “Piper” is the smallest, professional laser device produced. When fitted, the device can perform self-levelling to ensure the right slope over the entire distance. It can be also placed inside a pipe for second day setups. Piper ensures comfort at work inside pipes, manholes and open trenches.

Intelligent system

Cross-axis compensationis a function ensuring the accuracy of a slope regardless the direction of a laser beam within +/- 3º. Alignmaster™ module (only in Piper 200) seeks, locate and centre on the target for second day setups.

External conditions resistance:


Test results prove Piper’s resistance against water, impacts and temperatures. It is a solid device in a metal housing equipped with a bump at the front that protects the device from dropping.


The following instructions describestwo models of “Piper” line lasers:
• Piper 100 – pipe laser with a red laser beam
• Piper 200 − pipe laser with a red laser beam and Alignmaster™.

Technical Information PIPER 200:

Laser beam

Bright, red, easy to read


Big, bright



Line and grade lock


Wide line adjustment



In a full range

Entering grade

Direct or by digit

Remote control



Cast metal


Lithium-Ion, reusable



*Automatic seeking function to locate and centre on the target for second day setups.


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