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SurvGeo Mini Prism GMP111 constant "0", with poles

  • Manufacturer : SURVGEO
  • Kod producenta : 1004001
  • Availability : Dostępny
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Mini prism outfit.

A mini prism on a pole for accurate a completion survey or staking. A prism small diameter improves the accuracy of measurements. Four joinable mini poles are included. Poles can be jointed up to 1.2 m height. The prism can be mounted on joints; and an integrated level vial ensures easy control of a plumb line. Two prisms for measuring hidden points may be also mounted.

Technical Information:


  • Prism diameter: 25.4 mm;
  • Prism constant: 0 mm lub -30 mm;
  • Mini pole: 4 x 30cm + chisel, diameter 12 mm,
  • Built-in level vial for accurate mounting,
  • Bag.

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