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LKZ-1000 SONEL Cable Locator

  • Manufacturer : Sonel
  • Kod producenta : WMXXLKZ1000
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LKZ-1000 SONEL Cable Locator

Product Information:

LKZ-1000 locator is suitable for locating cables and other buried utilities. The set including a transmitter, receiver and accessories locates metal objects and non-conductive elements, for example PVC and concrete pipes. With its selective modes, only the receiver, or a receiver and a transmitter, can be used. When a transmitter is used, the depth of a buried object can be measured.


·         LKZ-1000 with a new transmitter.

·         Smaller, more durable and comfortable at the same price.

·         Enhanced LKN-1000 transmitter generates a stronger signal than the previous model. This allows:

-          Tracking buried utilities over longer distances.

-          More effective location in poor conditions when the signal is interfered.

-          Easier depth determination.

-          Easier location of many objects at the same time.

·         More benefits of the new transmitter:

-          Four output signal power levels up to 1 W.

-          Solid waterproof housing with IP65 resistance, smaller and lighter, designed to withstand harsh conditions.

-          Three modes 8 kHz and 33 kHz, and in a galvanic mode both 8 kHz and 33 kHz at the same time.

-          Visual and acoustic signals.

-          Integrated test function that enables to control all functions before the work commencement.

-          Control buttons on the housing enables controlling the instrument when the housing is closed, so the instrument is protected from mechanical damage and water splashes.


The pack includes:


  • LKO-1000 locator
  • LKN-1000 transmitter
  • Case L6
  • Cables with clamps
  • Probe
  • User manual
  • Batteries

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