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vLocDM2 Magnetometer / Detector / Locator

  • Manufacturer : VIVAX-METROTECH
  • Kod producenta : vLoc-9800
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vLocDM2 localizing set is used to evaluate defects in transmission and distribution pipes’ protective coating. With an A-Frame, the system enables performing a complete survey with the evaluation of defects. The method applied consists in measuring signal current gradient and in point coating damage location. Also, the set has got a function of precise tracing of pipes and cables networks.


  • Detachable measuring module used to locate defects for easy networks tracing. An A-frame for a point defects location. It is lightweight and robust, made of carbon fibre.  
  • Cooperation with GPS (a standard Holux receives) via Bluetooth 
  • A new, enhanced data recorder that integrates measurement’s results with GPS coordinates. A new, fast software for downloading data from the locator and export them to popular file formats (.xls, .txt, .kml, .shp).
  • Displays’ features of vLocDM2 are adjusted to present data referring to pipes networks evaluation. Data can be visualized in real time as a chart. GPS data determines user’s position, and a “walkback” function leads the user to previous points, for example to retake or complete measurements.
  • vLocDM2 system is supplied with a generator 150 W, powered by alternative voltage: 100-240 V AC, 12 V DC or by the rectifier of a cathodic protection station (nominal 30 – 60 V DC)

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