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vLoc-9800 Magnetometer / Detector / Locator

  • Manufacturer : VIVAX-METROTECH
  • Kod producenta : vLoc-9800
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vLoc-9800 receiver is a new type of locator in a high-quality and functionality underground reinforcement locators family produced by an American company Metrotech. The navigation method “left/right” (Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance™) patented by Metrotech 30 years ago is still a root of buried cables location.  

The Metrotech navigation method applied in vLoc-9800 is different from a common “left/right” method based on a vertical antenna. In Metrotech navigation method two very sensitive, horizontal antennae placed at specific distance are used. This technical solution ensures a quick and accurate response from the receiver and then a

Main features:


  • Easy to read, clear user’s interface
  • Automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment
  • One-button depth and signal current measurement
  • Patented navigation „left/right” method
  • Localising cables’ damage or pipes insulation defects (optional)

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