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Set - EZiCAT i550 + EZiTEX t100 + EZiROD 80

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  • GeoMax
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EZiSYSTEM for water and gas industry

A set of three cooperating high-class instruments suitable for buried installations detection. They were designed by a Swiss company GeoMax.


Geomax EZiCAT Cables Locators

Collecting information and marking underground utilities is a priority for ensuring safety during any earthworks. With EZiCAT locators produced by GeoMax this task can be performed easily and quickly. EZiSYSTEM line was designed to reduce human errors to minimum and to increase safety of fieldworks. With a range of intelligent and unique solutions, EZiCAT makes locating buried installations simple and easy. This ensures safety and allows to save time and money.

How EZiCAT locator work
Locating installations consist in the detection of electromagnetic waves emitted by the installation. Data is collected and analysed by the detector, which communicates with the operator by audio-visual signals. The locator provides information about the location and the direction of the installation.


EZiCAT i550

Product Information:

- An innovative, digital signal processing technology (DSP). 
- Electronic, automatic control for easy access and use even for unexperienced users.
- Power Mode function ensures that the most dangerous points are detected first.
- Fits generator EZiTEX t100 at two frequencies: 8 and 33kHz.
- Built-in software and hardware auto test function.
- An LCD display with integrated light sensor that turns on automatically in poor lighting conditions.
- Solid, ergonomic and lightweight construction designed to work in hard conditions.

Hazard Zone
This function signals shallow buried electric installation (approx. 30cm) and warns about higher risk.

Signal Service Indicator
It allows to track one selected signal with EZiTEZ generator. The display highlights the signal form the installation connected with the generator. This eliminates wondering about during the detection.

Service Due Indicator
Signalling a planned conservation (after 12 months of use) with a pulsating key icon.

Depth Indicator
When connected to EZiTEX t100 signal generator, it can determine the depth of detected installation. This is very convenient when running earthworks.

Frequency/work mode

  • Power mode: 50/60Hz
  • Radio mode: 15-60kHz
  • Transmitter mode: 8 and 33kHz
  • Auto mode: Power mode + Radio mode

Detection depth

  • Power mode: 3 m
  • Radio mode: 2 m
  • Transmitter mode: 3 m

Depth determination

Margin of error: +-10% in a straight line (range: 0.3 to 3m)

Protection class


Power supply

6xAA alkaline (IEC LR6) included

Operation time

40 h of continuous work (in 20°C)


2.7 kg with batteries

EZiTEX t100 Signal Generator

Enhanced efficiency and power of the generator allows to:

  • track installations over longer distances
  • better detecion in areas with increased interference
  • more accurate detection

The most important advantages of the instrument:

- Four power levels (max power: 1W).
- Robust, water-resistant construction.
- Protection according to IP65: solid, comfortable construction designed to work in hard conditions.

- Three racing signals.
- Two connection modes: 8 and 33 kHz, default output frequency 33 kHz.
- Audio-visual controls located in a place easy to see.
- A built-in software and hardware auto test function ensures 100% safety and accuracy.  


  • 8kHz
  • 33kHz
  • 8/33kHz

Power regulation



to 1W (max)

Direct connection (300Ω)

to1W (max) after connection with installation with impendence 300Ω

Power supply

4xD alkaline (IEC LR20) included

Operating time

30 h of continuous (in 20°C)


2.4 kg with battery


105 mm (h.) x 190 mm (l.) x 235 mm (w.)

Protection class

  • Case open: IP54
  • Case closed: IP65


GeoMax EZiROD 80

·    For cooperation with GeoMax EZiCAT i500, EZiCAT i550, EZiCAT i650

·    Enables the detection of installation that cannot be directly localised by the detector, for example PVC or ceramic pipes

·    Supports precise location of underground utilities.

·    Easy to use.

·    It is a part of sets: EZiSYSTEM i500, EZiSYSTEM i550, EZiSYSTEM i650

·    High detection depth – up to 3 m depending on a work mode 

·    Resistant to weather conditions (IP57)

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