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GeoMax Zoom20 PRO Electronic Total Station

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GeoMax Zoom20 PRO Electronic Total Station- reflectorless measurements up to 600 m

ZOOM 20 series total stations are very simple to use. They are supplied with a range-finder with a range of 400/600 m and a high resolution, large display. Therefore, they are very efficient at building and surveying tasks. Working with Zoom30 series is quick an nice. GeoMax Zoom30 series gives an absolute control over data and communication. You can choose form Bluetooth, a pendrive, 2 USB port to import and export your data in standard and customized formats. Planned works can now be finished in no time with a high resolution, large display and graphic, intuitive hints for a user.

Available accuracies: 2'', 3'', 5'', 7''.

Each total station Zomm30 series is supplied with measuring and staking applications, from CoGo and a volume calculation. Zoom30 was designed to make your work easy.

Measurement –
collect measuring data quickly and accurately. Adjust coding formats and data presentation to your own needs. Export your result directly to CAD.

Set-up with resection – Start your measurements immediately – the coordinates of the position and orientation can be calculated with only one button. 

Staking – The application will lead you through the first and following points.

Volume and 3D area – Calculate the area, volume and a circumference of a flat or slope area. 

Remote elevation – With this application you will calculate the height of a remote point that cannot be measured directly.  The remote point will be calculated automatically.

Construction – Setting out a building site has never been that simple. A clear, graphical presentation simplifies and accelerates your work. 

Reference line – let us surprise you with the flexibility of the application. It does not matter if you setting out or setting out a reference line.

Standard CoGo applications- calculate and stake points with CoGo application. In a few steps, you will calculate a turn, cut, offset and a scale.

Missing Line Measurement – determine a horizontal distance, inclined distance, azimuth and height differences of any two points. 

2 prism offsets – When it is not possible to place a prism in a desired place, this application can be used. You can set out coordinates of a remote point using two other points, at which positioning a prism is possible.

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