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Geomax ZDL700 Digital Level

  • Manufacturer : GeoMax
  • GeoMax
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Geomax ZDL700 Digital Level - precise, quick, reliable.

GEOMAX ZDL700 digital level is an instrument suitable for advanced levelling measurements. The instrument is very precise, quick and reliable: yet, it is very easy to use. It combines the newest technology, enhanced software and high environmental standards to make work quick and easy. It can be used whenever measurements require a particular accuracy.

Precision – detailed tests run verified and confirmed a perfect accuracy of ZDL700. Double levelling accuracy error equals 0.7 mm on 1 km.


Quick and error-free – a very quick (less than 3 sec.) measurement, one-button results’ reading and an internal memory ensure high functionality and time saving. Digital readings from the staff combined with data saving makes measurements error-free.


Waterproof and robust - ZDL700 complies with IP55 (IEC 60529) class. This means that the instrument is fully resistant to water splashes. It is also dust-proof. GeoMax patented the anti-shock technology that consists in magnetic shocks suppression. In addition, the compensator ensures a stable positioning and accuracy.

Designed to resist harsh conditions - ZDL700 was designed to work in any environmental conditions. A high-quality optical system combined with a proven algorithm ensures smooth operation in any conditions, for example poor lighting conditions or direct sunlight.

Internal calculator – implemented calculating software allow for calculations in the field. Measuring software is also available. The instrument uses code readings mode and calculates the results automatically. There is no need for time-consuming calculations after each measurement.

Large internal memory – to make the level even better, we added an internal memory with a capacity for 2000 points.

Smooth data transfer – data saved in the memory can be easily transferred into a PC. Smooth data flow at every stage of the work is guaranteed.

The pack includes:
GeoMax ZDL700 digital level
user manual
Warranty card

Technical Specification:

Vertical: ± 0.7 mm/km
Horizontal: D < 10 m, 10 mm | D ≥ 10 m, 0.001 x D

Max. range: 105 m
Min range: 2 m
Measurement time: < 3 s
Min. brightness: 20 Lux
Min. field of vision: ≥ 50 %

Min. resolution (height): 0,1 mm
Min. resolution (distance): 1 mm

Telescope magnification: 24 x

Range: ± 10'
Accuracy: ± 0,35"

Internal memory: 2000 measurements
Port: RS232

Environmental conditions:
Operation temperature:  -10°C ~ +50°C 
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
Dust- and water-resistance: IP55

Including batteries: < 2.5 kg

AA dry cell (4XLR6 / AA 1.5 V): 14/16 hours of continuous work
1800 mAh / 2300 mAh

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