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Leica Digitex 100t Signal Transmitter

  • Manufacturer : LEICA
  • Kod producenta : 100T
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Leica Digitex 100t Signal Transmitter

Product Information:

- The transmitter was designed to work with Digicat in order to easily track underground cables or metal pipes installations even if the do not induce any signal. 
- Digitex 100T generates a special "active" signal that can be traced by Digicat. 
- Allows users to track installation over long distances, detect installations in areas of higher signal interference and precisely determine buried installations depth.

Technical Information:

  • Operational transmission frequencies: 8.192kHz; 32.768kHz; Mixed 8/33.
  • Power Output Levels: 4.
  • Induction (Max): To 1W max.
  • Direct connection (100 Ohms): when connected to a buried utility with an impedance for 1000 Ohms.
  • Batteries type: 4 x D alkaline (IEC LR20), supplied.
  • Batteries life: 30h intermittent (20 ° C)
  • Weight: 2.4 kg (including batteries)
  • Dimensions: 180 mm (H x 260mm (D.) x 280 mm (W).
  • IP protections: IP65/IP54
 The pack includes:

  • Leica Digitex 100t signal transmitter
  • Receipt/VAT invoice

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