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Marking Point, with a flat head and a centre, 55mm, 75 mm PUNKT POMIAROWY writing

  • Manufacturer : GOECKE
  • Kod producenta : 10ZSO-PP
  • Availability : Dostępny
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Marking point with a flat head and a centre.







No. of pices
10ZSO-5-PP 55 26 4.5 8 8.5 100
10ZSO-7,5-PP 75 26 4.5 8 8.5 100

Marking points produced in a German factory are highly resistant to physical and chemical activities. In the production process they undergo a thorough quality control so that they comply with international quality standards. Zinced and cold-hardened steel enables to drive a point into any type of soil and a highly visible centre allows to level the instrument over a point.


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